App, Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.

April 27th @ Conrad Bengaluru

Apps Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.Apps Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.

Bhuma is Vast, Limitlessand expansive.

We aim to become the reference platform for frontend operational analytics.

Our vision

Bhuma is on a mission to become a vast, limitless and expansive platform that strives to be the go-to for frontend operational analytics. We do this through innovation in technology as well as giving our users an easy build experience using cutting-edge tools so they can implement actionable dashboards made from GraphQL queries on modern backends.

Our mission

Build actionable dashboards for GraphQL and modern backends in 4 steps, allowing you to manage and visualize information relevant to your business. As we move toward our goal, we are also focused on building for the future, driving innovation, creativity, and usability of tools, driving strong technology growth, and creating new spaces that enable long-term success for our partners.

About us

Bhuma is on a mission to become the go-to platform for frontend operational analytics. We believe that data should be accessible to everyone, which is why we make our platform easy to use. With Bhuma, businesses can make better decisions and streamline their operations. Our software company is based in Costa Rica and Texas, US, and we focus on the low-code space, committed to making our platform the best it can be.

Our Engineers

Built for developers by developers.


Founding Leadership

MarioVice President
SebastianProduct Leader
AlonsoProduct Leader
JorgeProduct Leader
Juan CarlosProduct Leader

Our Investors

First Rays
Silicon Valley Data Capital
West Wave Capital
Bhuma brand

Our Name and Logo

The name Bhuma is more than a word it's a feeling. Bhuma is derived from “Bhuman”, according to the Hindu philosophy, Bhuman in Sanskrit means fullness or abundance. Also, the word, Bhuman, is derived from the word, Bahu, meaning much or many. Bhuma is Vast, Limitless, and Expansive!

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