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Being part of a community is an important part of who we are at Bhuma.

Devs from the United States, India, and Latin America are joining the conversation.

Our incredible community of developers is actively contributing, collaborating, and mentoring others to build with Bhuma.

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Mario Octavio Jim茅nez

Insights I鈥檝e acquired from my leadership roles.

Feb 16 路 2 min read

As someone who has spent years in various leadership roles, I鈥檝e come to understand the challenges and demands that often come with the part. Despite these difficulties, my accumulated experiences have given me insights. I wanted to share some of the most pivotal insights I鈥檝e gathered along the way that have helped make me an effective manager.

By: Mario Octavio Jim茅nez

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Competitive Intelligence Quotient聽(cIQ)

Mar 29 路 3 min read

Competitive Intelligence Quotient聽(cIQ)

Read on MediumHow to Size Teams for Optimal Productivity

Mar 24 路 3 min read

How to Size Teams for Optimal Productivity

Read on MediumHow Insights-first Transforms Your Business

Mar 15 路 2 min read

How Insights-first Transforms Your Business

Read on MediumGraphQL: The Future of API Development

Jun 4 路 3 min read

GraphQL: The Future of API Development

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