App, Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.

April 27th @ Conrad Bengaluru

Apps Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.Apps Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.

Bhuma Careers

Advance your career and join our team at bhuma!

Bhuma is People

Bhuma is on a mission to become a vast, limitless and expansive platform that strives to be the go-to for frontend operational analytics. We do this through innovation in technology as well as giving our users an easy build experience using cutting-edge tools so they can implement actionable dashboards made from GraphQL queries on modern backends.

Our Values

Customer Delight; Surprise-and-delight

We want the experience with our products to be unmatched, which is why we want to surprise and please with every detail.

Relentless “learning & sharing” in “oneness”

More than a company that provides services, we are a family, we are a community and we want our customers and interested parties to also be part of it, which is why we seek to create spaces for knowledge, education, debate, recreation and familiarization.

Transparency & Accountability

We are committed to providing a space of trust, tranquility and guarantee to our clients.

“Hustle” for “excellence”

We promise to seek to improve ourselves day by day and not fall into complacency.

Open doors

We are sure that your opinion is important, and we value that, we know that we can always improve, and we are pleased to do it with you.


We are aware that we should not live with our backs turned to the changes or demands that surround us, therefore one of our most relevant values is adaptability.


We are willing to put sincerity before any other consideration.

Bhuma’s Lifestyle

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Open positions

Developer Relations Engineer

US (Remote)

Developer Relations Engineer

Europe (Remote)

Developer Relations Engineer

Costa Rica/LATAM (Remote)

Developer Relations Engineer

India (Remote)

Bhuma DevOps Engineer


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