App, Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.

25th March 6 pm Central

Apps Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.Apps Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse.

Bhuma is a proud Gold Sponsor for PrestoCon'23.

Dec 6, 11am. Mountain View, CA


The growth of Open Data Lake architectures founded on PrestoDB allows us to imagine and build modern “real-time data apps” that deliver “actionable insights” to facilitate business outcomes - across all data sources in the organization.

This session explores different low-code approaches to build real-time data apps on the PrestoDB data lake using modern APIs such as REST and GraphQL connectors to the federated SQL. In particular, the session focuses on the new JS Connector - and some additional features, such as the Presto orchestrator to manage the query prioritization and deeper insights into the runtime query analytics.

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